Wednesday, April 22, 2009

[Drama play]

Woo Hoo! I must say that today Jolene's ,Ting Wei's , Davin's, Sue Ann' s and Nithin's drama play is soooooo good!! I love the part which the two guys hijacked the plane. Very stupid leh! Argue than argue loh. Why must push the poor girl sitting in front of them? Poor thing! But sometimes a person flare up can be quite scary sia! She go snatched the hijackers' controller and denoted the bomb in the airplane. 10,9,8, 7,6,5 ,4 ,3,2,1,0! (Lights off.......) After the drama play, I went to the student hub to play table tennis. Godwin followed me. He said that he wanted to win Donavan (freshman in table tennis) in table tennis. So, he wanted to me to teach him serves, train him his backhand and forehand. ( Sigh....) Some sec 4 students come and join the crowd. I found their games interesting so I played with them. About 7, I went back home and that is the end of the day.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

[Today's CCA day!]

Today damm sian loh!! Ha! ha! So many people say that my blog is so dead. Now I am not busy, so you can posts frequently. Of course, my blog will not be so active like Josiah's blog lah. Anyway, today I learnt how to counter a topspin. Ahhhhh! So hard! I only can suceed one time only. Then, there were two newcomers being transferred to our CCA, Godwin and Donovan. Whoa, they are completely greenhorns. Surfing also wrong liao! But never mind. Who ask them to join sooo late? Later, I play with Josiah best of three. We play seriously but he damm funny . "I will make you stay at 10-1. wao lao! ok! I will make you stay at 10-2! Wao lao! ok! I will make you at 10-3!" This go on until 11-9 but I won him 2 games. Anyway, he wanted to extend to best of five and I agreed. Ha ha! He won two games. Last but not least! Please don't say my blog is so dead. I am trying to type as many posts as possible. LoL!

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Friday, April 17, 2009

[Sorry Josiah!!!]

(SIGH.........) Today, I am very tired sia!! After finishing the ebook in school, Josiah and I went to my house because I need to change into my home clothes to play tennis with him. Then, we rush to his house to take the equipments to play tennis near Yio Chu Kang interchange. (Sigh.....) I very sad sia! I think that I should say sorry to him because I suck in tennis and I brought so many trouble for him. (Sigh....) I suddenly feel so guilty sia. Sorry Josiah! (Sigh...........)

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

[Sports Day]

Yo everyone! As everybody know that today have Sport Day. I have some pictures and videos. Hope you love it!

This is the gold trophy which Anqi won in the 800m race.

This is the picture when our team stand by for the relay.

This is Josiah, Chee Wai and me!!!

Now lets come to videos.

This is the competition for the relay.(Sorry for the shaking of the view and it is burr.)

Woo hoo!! I love this part!! This is Josiah taking the trophy!!!

I think all the girls classmates will love this video. It is about our co-form teacher, Miss Tan!

Oh yeah! Remember to say thanks you to Jin Yao on Monday! Without him, you will not be able

all this pictures and videos! Enjoy!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

[Today very (sui) sia !!!]

(Sigh.....)Today really is a bad day sia!! After school, Josiah ,I ,Jin Yao, Joshua and Timothy
went to the canteen for lunch. Damm funny sia! Joshua spill the cup of milo onto the table and it dripped onto Josiah's pants. It seem that Josiah has "wet his pants"!! Whoa! It is damm big patch sia! (Josiah, no offence!! Don't make me suffer during school!!) Then we went to computer lab 4 to complete our chinese project. This is the worst of the worst. We went to type chinese characters and it came out as ??????. Ahhhh!!! We spent 2 hrs just to figure out what to do. We go to the staff room to find Mr Ng Chong Kui (1E2 chinese teacher). It turn out that he might went home already.. I and Jin Yao rushed from the com lab to the staff room and it came out that HE WENT HOME.... (it was sooo tiring sia) Fortunately, an english teacher bring us to a chinese teacher who told us to save all the data onto Mircosoft Word. Thanks to his advice!! We did what he said and help us save a lot of time. We plan to continue on Wednesday. Then Josiah ,I ,Jin Yao, Joshua and Timothy went to played badminton. So (sui) loh! Lightning alert sia!!! The parade square, hall and anphi threatre was pre-occupied!!! The only place we can play is the area near the PE room. Ha! ha! Josiah and Timothy scolded by teacher. Kee! kee! kee! Anyway, I think today is a (sui) day. Good day or night! Bye!

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Monday, April 6, 2009


Oh yeah! If you are not afraid of losing to me in this game which I am very good at, please go to
to this website. Those (classmates) who play with me before should know how good I am.It is called Line up Four. I will be online about 8 or 9 p.m. The website is If you meet someone who you always cannot defeat, most likely will be me. Bye!

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Woo Hoo! It is sooo cool to have a free period just like today. Bad luck! I can't enjoy during that
period. I am still doing my comprehension even after the lesson. Fortunately, I finished on time. Anyway, I HATE today's practical exam on Home economics. My bee hoon taste hards. AHHH!
Ms Lim does not have any good impression on my bee hoon. Other ingredients were average. I sure will FAIL my practical exam.......

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[I am a table tennis's FAILURE AND LOSER!!!]

Today DAMM sian sia!! A guy called Kai Yi wanted to challenge me for a rank 10 sia. That is not
the worst part. We played best of 3 and I actually LOSE sia!! The points was 11-9 and 12-10. Then I ask Josiah to train my backhand. Woo Hoo! I actually won him. He was rank 9 and a pro but I won him 3 sets in a row but I still think I am lousy. My forehand is weak but I am worried. A school team sec 2 boy who was in the doubles wanted to challenge me. Now I am in rank 14.
(Cry Cry Cry)Hope that next week could beat Kai Yi again!

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Friday, April 3, 2009

[Josiah's blog]

For the past few days, I have been thinking where to put the very stupid code. Anyway, Josiah these few days is incredible and hyper active in his blog! I bet that no one will be this active in their blog! Ha! Ha! LoL!!

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[Phew! Finally!!!]

Hi, guys! Finally, I can post this message to my blog! This is my first post. Pls comment! Oh yea! Pls don't feel lame about my blog. You can comment on my tagboard.

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